Preventive Oral Screenings and Cleanings for dogs and cats

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Seniors & Military save 10% on our Signature Service™ dog or cat dental cleanings

Teeth cleaning for dogs in Huntington Beach, CA

Signature Service™

• No anesthesia preventive cleaning

• Takes less than an hour

Advanced Care™

• Corrective and restorative cleaning

• X-rays, bloodwork, anesthesia

All services include...

• Full pre-treatment consultation

• Long-term treatment planning

A Comprehensive Dental Solution

Keeping your pet’s teeth and gums healthy and disease-free requires consistency and frequency. We can help you develop a plan that achieves both. 

Combined with essential home care, the regular check-ups and cleanings that we provide can spot small problems before they become big ones, minimizing expenses and maximizing your pet’s dental health.

Should more serious dental problems be present, we have solutions to address them safely and effectively, right from the start. 

We'll help you create a complete dental treatment plan

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Pet Dental Solutions technician performs cleaning

Signature Service™ Preventive Dental Cleaning for dogs and cats

Pet Dental Solutions’ Signature Service is a preventive oral cleaning for dogs and cats who meet certain criteria.

The Signature Service includes a preliminary consultation, staff-provided oral health education, a doctor’s examination, and a complete dental screening and cleaning without the use of anesthesia.

Signature Service is ideal for generally healthy mouths

Screening and Candidacy for Signature Service

Because of the awake nature of the Signature Service Preventive Dental Cleaning, there are several factors that can make it inadvisable for your pet. Such factors include certain medical and behavioral conditions that would make non-anesthetic treatment unsafe. 

Additionally, there are dental conditions that cannot be effectively treated with this procedure. Your pet’s candidacy for Signature Service depends on the absence of these conditions, which are verified through a veterinary screening examination.

For pets who are determined non-candidates, we offer Advanced Care oral surgery as an effective alternative. If this happens, we will discuss your pet”s specific problems as well as options for addressing them.

Every pet requires an individualized approach to oral health management

Veterinarian performs Advanced Care dental cleaning at Pet Dental Solutions

Advanced Care™ Oral Surgery for dogs and cats

Pet Dental Solutions’ Advanced Care is a comprehensive diagnostic and oral surgical procedure for dogs and cats with problems beyond the scope of our Signature Service cleaning.

Advanced Care is performed under general anesthesia, so it can tackle more complex dental problems or bypass behavioral issues that would make a non-anesthetic approach impossible.

Successful implementation of this procedure can help return your pet’s mouth to a state of good health, and make future dental maintenance efforts more effective.

Advanced Care addresses more serious dental problems

Essential Home Care

The fact is, bacteria forms in the mouth daily and signs of gingivitis can present themselves within weeks after a cleaning. That’s why home care is absolutely essential!

Brushing is your best bet for effective home care, and it is easier than you think. Ask the Pet Dental Solutions team for tips and tricks!

Rinses and dental chews can be great supplements to a regular brushing regimen. Our doctors and staff can help you find the right products for your pet.

Routine home care is key to maintaining oral health

Essential Home Care: brushing dog's teeth

Conveniently located in Huntington Beach

Our treatment facility is at 16882 Gothard Street in northeastern Huntington Beach. It sits just north of Warner Avenue and a mile from the 405 freeway, so it’s easy to reach from anywhere in northern  or central Orange County. 

While our oral screenings and cleanings and other veterinary services require appointments, we are open for phone consultations Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 2 PM.

Together we will create a solution for your pet's oral health

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