Our Signature Service™

Preventive Oral Screening & Cleaning

Pet Dental Solutions’ Signature Service is a preventive oral screening and cleaning for dogs and cats who meet certain criteria and includes:

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Our Signature Service dental cleaning is available only on designated clinic days. Appointments are required. Click below for upcoming dates.

Oral Health Education

Our staff will teach you about dental disease and your pet.

Doctor Examination

Our medical director will examine your pet to ensure procedure safety.

Oral Condition Screening

Our oral care assistant performs a thorough oral screening of your pet.

Pet Dental Solutions Medical Director examines a yellow dog

Preventive Cleaning:

Oral care assistant perform manual scaling on a dog Pet Dental Solutions


Removal of plaque and calculus, above and below the gumline.


Makes teeth shine and sparkle, but also slow plaques ability to reform.

Brush & Flush

A final ‘clean-up’ pass to sweep and rinse away loose debris.

Dental Charting

We record all findings to highlight problem areas.

Service Review & Treatment Planning

We will review findings and recommend next steps.

Oral care assistant perform dental charting on a dog Pet Dental Solutions

See the difference our Signature Service can make!


Dog's teeth before dental cleaning


Dog's teeth after dental cleaning

Take the first step toward better oral health for your pet...

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